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I am the blessed mother of two children, one of whom has battled epilepsy most of his life. I recently wrote a book to help parents find encouragement while raising a child with a long-term illness. We had a terrible time finding hope in those darkest times, and want to share how we coped and how God can bring you encouragement too.

 I earned a B.S. degree in Education for K-12 French, and  have a partially completed Masters Degree in Christian Leadership from Liberty University, which prompted this most recent journey. I have 20+ years of experiences as an educator of French, language methodology and instructional technology.

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Are you a parent of a child with a long-term illness or epilepsy?  Do you struggle with the questions of "Why?"  Join me on our journey to find comfort and hope in the God of the Bible. 


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While we're waiting for a book you can hold in your hands, join me on my website:  StareAtMyKid.com 

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